Our Team consists of dedicated and ever-growing group of brilliant and enthusiastic trustees, donors and volunteers. All our volunteers have made a committed desire to give their time to support their community where it is needed the most, among the most susceptible members of our society. 

At Kadi and Gandhinagar, scholarships are awarded by the myself, trustees and donors to the outstanding, underprivileged and deserving students each year. More than 1400 students get aid worth Rs.1.41 crore as scholarship every year and the Aid keep on adding due to  the immense support by the Alumnus who would extend their respect towards Sarva Vidyalaya


Scholarship Programmes

“શિક્ષણ એજ સાચી સેવા”

On 12th January of each year since 2012, we have been conducting “Shree Maneklal Memorial Merit-Means Scholarship programme” in remembrance of my father Late Chairman and Founder President of Sarva Vidyalaya  Shri Maneklal M. Patel fondly known as “Saheb”. 

  • we transform the future for deserving students
  • the financial aid reaches 50,000+ students in one or the other way
  • we tackle a range of challenges by lifting student attendance, providing greater literacy development and STEM education opportunities, increasing parent engagement and improving student wellbeing.

Results & Accomplishments

When you donate to a chairty that supports education

you are giving the gift of learning and the hope of a brighter future. As one of the oldest charities in Australia, Save the Children education programs reach children worldwide who would otherwise be prevented from reaching their full potential. 

Our Global Education team works across 5 areas:

  • Early Child Care and Development
  • Basic Education
  • School Health and Nutrition
  • Education Research
  • Education in Emergencies

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